List of Works

Aureate Darkness (Bedroom performance #4) –a music theater for solo trombone and multi media (12 channel sound installation and video projection), commissioned and premiered by William Lang, collaborated with director Mei Ann Teo, film maker Aleksey Nozhov; paper cut artist Alison Clemento; light designer Jennifer Reiser. (winter, 2015)

Bedroom Performance #3 – a theatrical musical work for voice and flute, commissioned by Ashley Addington, premiered by Ashley Addington and Jue Wang (2015)

Puppet Show (Bedroom Performance #2) – a music theater with puppet performance. Premiered by Talea ensemble and Jue Wang, collaborated with puppeteers Joshua Hudelson and Joseph Pferder (2015)

Bedroom Performance #1 – a music theater for solo voice, video and 4 channel electronic sound installation, premiered by Jue Wang (2015)

It’s a Secret Performance – a musical (immersive) theater for two voices, four instrumentalists, and electronic music, collaborated with composer Adam Mirza and stage director Kryssy Wright (2014)

Children’s Rhyme – for voice and chamber orchestra, premiered by the Orchestra of the League of Composers (2013)

Life in Stillness (voice version) — for four children’s voice and two strings, commissioned by Shanghai Music School affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory (2014)

Alice in Bed – for two voice, trombone, trumpet, bass clarinet and violin (2012) premiered by Loadbang ensemble

Life in stillness –for String Quartet, premiered by Momenta ensemble (2013), second performance by Krulik Quartet (2014)

Chun Xiang – for full orchestra and two harps. Premiered by Oberlin Orchestra (2012)

Scholar, Monk and Snake – a chamber opera for 3 singers and ensemble, (2009 – 2011) Premiered by Oberlin Ensemble, conducted by Lewis Neilson, staged by Aaron Helgeson (2011)

Life in stillness – for String Quartet, (2009) Performed by Jack Quartet (2011)

Memory of Monck – for flute, clarinet and bassoon, (2009) Premiered by Laura Cocks, flute; Gigi Brady, oboe; James Purcell, bassoon. Dec 1st, 2011, Oberlin Warner Hall
. Second performance on May 2012, on the honor recital, Oberlin.

Labyrinth – for cello and accordion, (2009) Commissioned and premiered by Dylan Messina, cello; Ryan Packard, accordion. Fall 2009, Oberlin Fairchild Chapel

Endless circle – for two percussionists, (2008-2009) Premiered by 
Neil Ruby, Jake Harkins, percussion. Winter 2008 – Spring 2009, Oberlin Finny Chapel

Study with Confucius – viola concerto with full orchestra, (2008) Premiered by Andrew Stiefel, viola; Brevard orchestra. Summer 2008, Brevard Straus Auditorium

The Lamb – for oboe and mezzo soprano, (2008) Premiered by Jue Wang, mezzo soprano; Oshiri Liron Hakak, oboe. Summer 2008, Brevard Straus Auditorium

Mari Round – for alto flute, percussion and string quartet, (2008) Premiered by Mira Magrill, alto flute; Chris Thurstone, Yuko Saito, violin; Andrew Stiefel, viola; Sophia Potter, cello; Michael Stubbart, percussion; Dana Howell, conductor. Summer 2008, Brevard Straus Auditorium

Flower Burial -for mezzo soprano, Cello and two percussions, (2008) Premiered by 
Jue Wang, mezzo soprano; Avery Waite, cello; Neil Ruby, percussion. Spring 2008, Oberlin Kulas Hall

Life in stillness -for clarinet, viola and cello, (2008)
 Premiered by Eric Anderson, clarinet; Beth Breslin viola; Zizai Ning, cello. Spring 2008, Oberlin Warnar Concert Hall

Hero – for soprano and two cellos, (2008) Premiered by Molly Netter, soprano, Gabrielle Athayde, cello; Eric Stewart, cello, Spring 2008, Oberlin Kulas Hall

Why –tape piece made with Protools, Spear, Soundtrack and Peak, Fall 2008

Night – tape piece made with Spear, Soundtrack and Peak, Spring 2008

Frozen — for live piano and Max/MSP, Spring 2008

China in 1949 –tape piece made with Protools, Fall 2007

Circle –tape piece made with Protools, Fall 2007

Yong – for violin solo, (2007) Fall 2007, Premiered by Yan Tong, violin. Oberlin Kulas Hall

Flying – for clarinet solo, (2007) Premiered by Kei Funaguma, clarinet. Fall 2007, Oberlin Kulas Hall

For the forgotten evil (731) – for string quartet, (2006-2007)
2007, Shanghai Music Hall,
Danfeng Shen, violin I; Xinghao Wang, violin II; Xiang Lv, viola; Xiaolong Cheng, cello

Tian Xiang – Chinese Instrument Quartet for Sheng, Erhu, Pipa and Yangqin, (2005) Premiered by Dan Wang, sheng; Erhu, Gao Lin; Dandan Chen, pipa; Haohao Gui, yangqin. 2005, Shanghai Music Hall

Xu (Emotion) – trio for soprano, piano and cello, (2003) Premiered by 
Bingbing Wang, soprano; Jue Wang, piano; Feng Cheng, cello. 2003, Shanghai Music Hall